Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marrakech (Part 1): dJemma el Fna at Dusk

Last weekend eight friends and I went on a journey in search of something completely different.  We found ourselves in Marrakech and emersed ourselves in the culture and color of Morocco.

dJemma el Fna is a magical place.  The main square of Marrakech is a feast for the senses:  smells of animals and steaming dishes of lamb, the color of spice stalls, music from street performers, and dapples of light from lantern shops.  The experience was overwhelming and wonderful.  Here are a few of our photos from our visit there at dusk...

Exotic food stalls fill the Square at night.   Here the cuisine is snails.

Roasted Sheep Heads with a side of Sweet Breads

This woman was selling Ostrich Eggs along with medicinal herbs and oils

A man in the traditional dress of a "water carrier"

Snake Charmers and Story Tellers fill the square

Lamp Shop on the edge of the square

Our eyes were opened to a whole new culture during our visit to el Fna.  The exotic foods, the crush of the crowds, the narrative of the story tellers, the music of the snake charmer calling his cobra from a basket all combined to give us a brief look into another world.  We were both shocked and touched by what we experienced. 

This is the first in a four part series on Marrakech.  I hope you enjoy!