Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marrakech (Part 3): The Wet Market

We were shocked and fascinated by this Moroccan food market.  Set in a small covered alley, each food stall offered something unique, sometimes something living waiting for slaughter!  There is no clean and tidy separation between the source of the food and the shopper here.

But as I thought about it, this market was completely Green:  no energy wasted on refrigeration or lighting, no plastic trash for disposal, and no carbon emmisions from long transport distances, this food most likely arrived by donkey cart.   It was food for thought.

Potpourri Stall

Very Fresh Chicken - Prepared while you wait

There were a great number of cats, I think related to the great number of butchers.

I don't know how they keep their meat from spoiling, but they must

It was an eye opening experience for me, raised in the US, land of sterile grocery stores. I wonder how much meat I would eat each week if I had to pick out the animal for slaughter.  I think much less.  It was the kind of experience you only get from travel.

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  1. These pictures of the market look so cool, Morocco is still high on my wish list, thanks for sharing!