Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Christmas Market in Aachen, Germany

 I spent yesterday in Aachen, Germany enjoying the Christmas Market there.   Here are a few images of my visit.

Hand cranked Street Organ.  Don't be fooled by his big smile,
this guy was working hard.

The window displays here were so beautiful,
I had to include a few.


Fresh Roasted Chestnuts!  Despite their lovely aroma,
I've learned they are the one food I can't stand.

In this ancient city, this modern fountain added some whimsey.

Detail of fountain

Hand blown Christmas Ornaments

Candy Shop

These Springerle molds remind me of my Grandfather and his
rock hard anise Christmas cookies

The patterns haven't changed much in the last 200 years.

Aachen Cathedral - Contruction of inner octagonal
church completed in 800 AD.

The Throne of Charlemange

Ossuary of Charlemange
Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Aachen was just amazing.  I'm looking forward to going back sometime soon with the whole family!


  1. Nice photos! It's so interesting to see all the Christmas festivities, and the German Christmas markets are a real treat. We were in Aachen earlier this year, for a short trip and the city is beautiful.

  2. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. Do you think Aachen's Christmas market is open on weekdays? I live in Maastricht, which is very close!


  3. Hello Elena! Aachen is open daily from 11-9. Monschau, another smaller market, is highly recommended and close by, but only open Fri-Sun. Take a look at for a complete listing of markets. Enjoy!

  4. just found your blog from facebook - terrific stories and awesome imagery!!!!!! Now I see why they are getting stolen!

  5. Amazing pictures, maybe a few shots from the top of a Christmas Market could be included. Just had a look at the Aachen Christmas Market pictures in Google Images, have to say they look great. Been to the German Christmas markets in Berlin recently,the word is awesome!