Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why a Blog?

Gentle Readers (I’ve always loved that salutation),

You may be wondering why I’m writing this open diary. Why did I stop writing my letters home last Fall? Why start again now?

Mothering three young children and keeping house (sort of) has left me no energy for a traditional journal. It’s a shame really, here is a defining moment in the life of our family and in the lives of my children and no one is keeping record. We have photos, but they leave a huge gap in the story.

In a way, this blog will be my story: the story of my journey through motherhood in the land of windmills and wooden shoes. It will be my gift to my children should they ever choose to read it.

As to why I stopped writing last Fall…. I had been writing “open letters home” and posting them on Facebook. But as my “friend” list expanded, it became increasingly difficult to write. My letters home were very personal. I was excited about where we were and what was happening. We’d had an exceptional run of good luck. In a time when the bad economy was affecting more and more households, I didn’t want to spam other people’s Home Page with unwanted ramblings about our lives. I became self-conscious.

And, now? I can thank a small number of dear friends that have encouraged me to continue writing. Just the fact that I was still receiving positive feedback about letters I posted almost a year ago was amazing. I like the idea of a blog. You, as the reader, can choose to read my posts or never lay eyes on them again. Even if I am just writing for my mother, that is enough. I no longer feel like I’m spamming some poor grade school classmate’s inbox.

So, if you choose, journey with us. It’s been a fantastic adventure so far.

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